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The Death of Music

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Music is something that enriches our everyday lives. It helps bring people from different lifestyles together. Some even go as far to say music is what feelings sound like.

In this day and age, music has started to become repetitive. Artists are just repeating the same verses with different tempos. For example, in the song “Believe” by Shawn Mendes, he says the word ‘believe’ 96 times throughout the song (four groups of 24). The entire song just repeats the same verse with different words, and the bridge is just a slowed- down version of the chorus. A 7th-grade student at Harvest, Stefania Llamas, agrees, “Modern day music really doesn’t involve much musical talent,” she said.

Another factor contributing to the downfall of music is the fact that nowadays artists don’t write their own songs. According to a study done by Music Week magazine, it now takes an average of 4.53 writers to create a hit single. Whereas in 1960, an average hit song had an average of 1.87 writers. The song with the most writers today, “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson (Ft. Bruno Mars), was written by 13 people. When it takes that many people to help write a song, it starts to lose its identity. So many people were a part of making it that it’s not really the singer’s song anymore, it’s pieces of everyone who helped write it.

Music back in the ’60s involved talent. There was no autotune for singers to alter their voices with. They had to be able to actually hit the notes they were singing. People actually played the instruments in the background, there were no synthesizers. Famous artists back then could sing and play instruments, nothing was computer generated. Evidently, music today is losing its originality and uniqueness.

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One Response to “The Death of Music”

  1. Joey on January 22nd, 2019 9:36 am

    “New Patek on my wrist (yeah)
    White diamonds and them stuffs hit pink (yeah, yeah)
    Got cold, had to go get a mink (yeah)
    New finger rings hit like a sink (yeah, yeah)”
    -Lil Uzi Vert

    Now THAT is music.

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The Death of Music