Favorite Songs

Hms Reporters were sent out to find out teachers favorite songs. Hms reporters found some interesting answers.


Manya Franco a gym teacher at harvest said anything country Hank Williams because she likes country.


Pedro said Wooheart by 21 savage.


Paul Moutzuris a social studies teacher said crazy train by Ozzie Ozborn because it reminds him of himself when he was younger.


Jeff Albertazzi said under pressure by David Bowie because everything feels under pressure.

Krista Loper said let it go by Elsa because she needs to let it go.

Sara Kvidahl-Schmitz said all my days by Aleksi Murdoch because it speaks to her.

Paul Gassner said even flow by pearl jam because he used to listen to it when he worked out and helped him get fired up.  

Ms. Zorn said motorsport by Cardi B because she likes rap and her straightforward attitude.

Bimba said, “all the stars by Kendrick Lamar because I like his vibes because he relates to me and because I like the uplifting song”.

Mr. Paniagua said, ”American Pie by Don Mclean because it blends good rock and history and reminds me of my youth”.