Freshman Fears

Freshman Fears

Some people have a fear of heights, flying, thunder, spiders, being alone, blood or animals. What about entering a new school or grade? For example, when you left elementary to go to middle school you worried, right? You were fearful.

It is common sometimes it could cause Didaskaleinophobia which means fear of going to school. Coming from the Greek word Didasko meaning teach and Phobos meaning fear.

Though you eventually got used to the school, thanks to friends and teachers, you had to enter a bigger school with a lot of new faces and more advanced math and English High school.

A bigger school sometimes means a bigger fear of several things. For instance, some fears that the Harvest 8th grade students have:

Frida Diaz-Esquivel -“loads of homework from honor classes that I hope to get into”

Marissa Blackwood -“Get lost and be late and everyone staring at me for the mistake that I made”

Alec De Haro -” Getting picked on and not getting on the baseball team”

Alexiana Alvarez- “Scared/Nervous of not getting in honor classes and if I do get in honor classes getting bad grades”

I bet some reassurance will help. Who’s better to ask than… Mr.Gutierrez!

    What do you think an 8th grader need’s to do to succeed in Freshman?

“I used to teach high school they need to learn to be adaptable. It’s not like middle school they need to be mature and focus on grades. It’s going to go really fast enjoy the years you have there.”

What do you want the teachers to tell 8th graders?

” Just to have fun and really realize what is high school what is high school”

Describe a successful freshman student?

“I think a successful student is someone to overcome problems and learn from their mistakes. It’s not about getting all A’s it’s about learning from their mistakes”