Winter Break


There are so many things people do during winter break. We looked at what people at Harvest did during winter break. There were many different answers that people informed us about and these are the most interesting things we found.


Many students travel to Mexico to visit family during winter break. Juan Morales went to Mexico to visit family during his winter vacation. This time, he went with his two brothers and his grandparents. His family visits Mexico whenever they can. This time, he was visiting his 2 great-grandparents and his aunt and uncle in Michoacan. In Michoacan, they explored the villages near where his family lives he also sent of fireworks with his brothers to celebrate new years.


Another student, Kaliq Khan went to Chicago with his family over Christmas. While they were there they visited College Northwest and went to the really big apple store. When he got back, he visited Los Angeles to visit a family friend for new years. While he was there, he didn’t do much, he watched football and made friendly bets with his friends and later watched the ball drop.


Marissa Blackwood went to Hawaii to visit her grandma during winter break. She ended up going to the beach even though she hates the beach. When she was at the beach she got sunburnt. Then after the beach, she went to Pearl Harbor. Then she left to go to Maui she got some gifts from her parents and got iPhone Xr and Airpods. Before she left Hawaii, she saw an eel and got scared.


So we found out that there are many things kids did from going toward the ocean to going outside the country. Some students even sought out some colleges and some getting expensive gifts.