Changes Students Would Like At Harvest


Have you ever thought about what Harvest would be like if you could change one thing? Many students had very different answers. You’d think that the typical one would to make breaks longer and let us use our phones at school. However, that isn’t true. Answers range from many different perspectives and this is about what the students said.

First, during school hours we went to many classrooms and asked if they could change one thing about our school what would it be, how could they change it, how would it benefit us and what is there favorite thing about our school. It includes our way of learning, the food, and the way our school does certain things. One student we interviewed was Natasha Colombo( 7th grade). She said how she liked our way of learning because there are more genres with our grades and get us prepared for high school, and than college. However, she does not really enjoy the school food. ¨It does not taste very good and is unhealthy.¨ She thinks we could fix this problem by buying food that will benefit our bodies and are good for us to go throughout the school day.

Next, We also listed Olivia Horn’s (7th grade) opinions and concerns. She does not like the dress code policies. She thinks that it’s unfair for girls because they are very strict on us but not on guys. Also, it’s not distracting showing skin because everyone has it. It should really be enforced soon. They should teach boys to be respectful to girls and let them wear what they feel most comfortable and confident in. “It would help everyone be more respectful to one another.” One thing she does like though is the teachers. She likes the relationships she builds with them and how connected they are with the students.  One of the last people we interviewed was Zane Gorr ( 7th grade). He would change the cell phone policy at Harvest. He thinks that students should be able to use their phones during break and lunch. “It wouldn’t really make a difference anyway because people already do it.” It would also be more helpful for students. They can communicate with their parents or fellow students. One thing he does like though is break and lunch. It’s a time he can be social with his friends and get a break from sitting a classroom.

In conclusion, students have different opinions on Harvest. Some people things it’s fine the way it is and others think it could improve. Every school has room to improve. I believe everyone is right in this, due to everyone has their own feelings and beliefs. Hopefully, this can help our school be a better place and make the right changes. Think, what is one thing you would change about our school if you could?