Hoops for Hearts Basketball Game: Students Vs. Teachers

On Friday, the 22nd of February at Harvest Middle School, there was an assembly for the American Heart Association. However, this wasn’t just your run of the mill assembly, it was a basketball game, students versus teachers. The student players were chosen based on the amount of money they raised for the organization, and the top ten got to play against the teachers. About two weeks before the game, students were given collection forms to fundraise money for the American Heart Association. All the money went towards helping fund research to prevent heart diseases.

The game got off to a fast start and the teachers quickly took the lead. It wasn’t until late into the first half that the students managed to get a shot in. Towards the middle of the second half, the teachers and the students were neck and neck, the students were only one shot down. However, due to a series of unfortunate events, the teachers widened the gap between the scores and ended up winning.

Lots of students didn’t predict the outcome of the game when a player on the student’s team, Nico Franco (8th) was asked who he thought would win, and he said the kids would win because, “We’re gods, and the teachers are gonna be salty.” Another 8th-grade student, and player, Kaliq Khan, stated: “We’re going to wreck the teachers.” Sadly, despite their enthusiasm, they still didn’t manage to scrape a win.

However, some people are making a connection between the success of the teachers and their height. 7th-grade student Jayden Quintana said when asked if he thought the students would win, “No, because they’re so tall.” Due to this, teachers were able to get the majority of the rebounds, not giving the students a chance to shoot. “The students got destroyed by the teachers because they got all the rebounds and they’re super tall,” said 7th-grade student Sophia Ochoa. Even though the students are more agile and play more frequently, their skills were trumped by the teachers’ height.

Even though the teachers won, students had a great time watching their friends play on the court. 7th-grade student Liam Joy said, “I had a great time watching my friend Jared Christen play, he played great and almost lead the students to a victory.”

Overall it was a very exciting game, played for a great cause.