Community project

Community project

     In 8th grade, all students must work on a community project. A student’s community project can be worked on with a partner in at most a group of three or by yourself. During this project, students must create journal entries to log progression on their project and take pictures of them doing their work for evidence. Students can choose to do a research project about a cause, problem, or issue in their community or a project where they spend time helping in our community.

     Zachary Samatovicz and Joe decided to work together on their community project and are volunteering at a Napa Food Project. On February 9 they volunteered at the Napa food bank they plan to continue to volunteer and put in more service hours at the food bank. He feels like he is ahead on his community project and is satisfied with how it’s going.

     Landon Madison and Daelene Hoggs are also working together for the community project and are raising money to donate to an animal shelter. Landon feels like he is on track with this project. They don’t know at this point when they are going to volunteer next to help and try to get people to donate toys and food for the animals.

     Joey DeNatale is working in a group of three with Kaliq Khan and Carson Goodrich. They are working on a project to raise awareness about drug use and substance abuse. When he was asked why he decided to work on this project he responded with, “Too many kids are eating drugs. I want to say no eating/doing the foul substances, so I said no and put my foot down and did this project.”

     This project needs to be finished by the end of March. 8th grade will present this project with their group or individually at the beginning of April. They present their community project to 7th and 6th graders in different classes. The teachers will grade each student based on how they researched, planned, took action, and evaluating their community project.