Harvest Pi Day 2019!


Pi eating

March 14, the day we celebrate the mathematical constant Pi and eat lots of sweet deliciousness. At Harvest Middle School we had an assembly with many fun activities and participants (6-8 grade) including a Pi relay, pie eating contest, and Pi calculations.

First, the Pi calculations included Joseph Vance, Ava Mulcah, Mia Franco, Conner Gongora, Carlo Dieanni, and Jacque Smith. Their job was to try to calculate the pie circumference problems in teams. Six grade won that overall.

Next, there was the Pi relay. Students in this included Tavian Bertram, Katherine Hoskins, Rene Covarrubias, Angeline Rodriguez, (6 grade), Noah Piersig, Jared Christian, Nicki Haubold, Sophia Ochoa, Adam Drozdowicz, Nathan Burdick, Mia Hernandez, Quinlin Gallagher, Jayden Quintana and Isabella Heuschel.(7th grade), Alec DeHaro, Kaliq Khan, Andrew Dillon, Graham Chapouris, Nico Franco, Sophia Haggard, Alex Bohlen, Jemma Ceja, Anna Scudero, and Gwen Gallenkamp. They were in their grade teams and have to walk in a straight line with an opened book on their head to a bowl of Pi numbers and walk back to place the number on a board to represent the Pi calculation. Whatever team got it done the fastest with the numbers in the right place won. 8th grade won that overall.

Then, the hula hoop contest. Students during milk break and lunch had to go to the quad and hula hoop while demonstrating either spinning, jumping, walking and other challenging tasks. There were many rounds (6-8). 8th grade ended up winning this contest,  Jacqueline Speth was the overall winner.

Lastly, there was the pie eating contest. Participants apart of this included Tavian Bertram, Katherine Hoskins, Rene Covarrubias, Angeline Rodrigue,( 6th grade )Flavio Guzman, Linda Maciel Nunez, Shelby Page, Alexis Salinas Sanchez ( 7th grade ), Alec Warren, Maggie Hodgins, Josh Hawn, and  Josie Taylor. Their jobs were to try to get the 3 gummy bears in a chocolate cream pie bowl without hands, just your face. 8th grade won that big victory and everyone cheered. It was a great time.

Overall, Pi Day is a Harvest school-wide celebrated day with lots of fun challenges and games. It’s a fun end of the year “ holiday “ and is a time for people to show their math skills and eat lots of pie. What’s your favorite kind of pie on Pi day?