Harvest Students Perform in Napa High Play – A Tale of Two Cities


Napa Valley Register


Have you heard about the most recent really exciting Napa high play? A few 8th graders from Harvest middle school where invited to participate in, a Tale of Two Cities. Napa High’s theater program did not have enough students to fill the roles for this play, so they reached out to students from Harvest to perform with them.  Here are those students thoughts and opinions on their recent performance.


First, Joey DeNatale (8th grader) had a big role in the play. As a harvest middle student, it was very

Elijah Contreras (8th grader) in costume before a show

special for him to be a part of. Joey was reached out to by the Napa High drama teacher because they were looking for some more people who were willing to participate. Joey started as a part in the ensemble but because the Napa High Drama class did not have enough students so he was able to try out for the main part and he got the part. Joey said that the whole experience was great. Some of the people who participated in the play with Joey were Aisley Wallace, Graham Durfee, and Sam Fisher.

Another student from Harvest, Elijah Contreras also participated. Elijah spent a lot of time working with the Napa High drama class to perfect all of his parts. He would go to practices after school every day and they would work  6:30-7:30. Elijah got involved from a recommendation from Joey to join. He ultimately decided to join because he thought it seemed pretty chill and a good experience.

Lastly, one of the audience members, Nico Franco (8th), said that he really liked the singing, “there are some really good voices out there.” His favorite part was by far Joey´s solo. He understood the play and liked the idea of what was happening. The only part he wasn’t a fan of was the background piece. He said he was made very poorly and not neat enough.

Overall, these are our student’s thoughts and opinions on the Napa high play, a tale of two cities. From the long practice hours to the nervousness of performing in front of large crowds, everyone person apart of this seemed to have a really good time. They got to learn laugh and do something they’re passionate about. What did you think about the play?