HMS Performing Arts Assembly

On Friday, March 22 at Harvest Middle School in the big gym an assembly was held for the performing arts classes

First, the Intermediate Band Class led by Mr. Burdick performed after an opening statement by the principal of HMS, Monica Ready. After that, the choir class sang, led by the choir teacher, Mr. Ferris, a teacher who’s in his first year working at Harvest. Finally, the jazz class danced led by their teacher Ms. Schmitt, who, like Mr. Ferris, is currently teaching her first year at Harvest. It is also the first year here at HMS that we’ve actually had a Jazz class, they all performed with heart, spirit, and skill after practicing for what must’ve been months. The Napa High School Spirit leaders also performed a special guest routine to a mix of music from Hairspray.

Another event that most students were not expecting was when after the first performance by the Jazz class, a group of teachers was called down by our principal Ms. Ready and began performing a routine dance to, “trendy music”  While dabbing, flossing and more. Overall, it was a great assembly showing off the amazing performing arts programs at Harvest Middle School, and we can’t wait for the next one.