Easter Experiences

Easter, millions of people celebrate it every year, whether you celebrate it for the religious aspect or Easter Egg hunts, or don’t even celebrate it all. Easter can mean many things to different people, and there are many different traditions and activities different people do to celebrate it.

A typical Easter for one student at HMS is being woken up to look at the Easter baskets that they had received. They would open the Easter baskets. After the baskets had been opened, around 9:30 the Family would normally arrive at church for the Easter service. After the service, the children would have a churchwide easter egg hunt where there would be a Golden egg, containing ten dollars, a Silver egg, containing five dollars while the other eggs would contain different coins and candy. After all the events, they would drive up to the student’s aunts house and have easter lunch while socializing with family members, and after the meal, there would be another Easter egg hunt. 

Another student’s typical easter contains eating candy, socializing with family, then going to bed. One Easter the student got a cute bag from the easter bunny. Upon getting to her grandmother’s house she showed her the bag saying, “Look at this cute bag the easter bunny gave me!”  Her grandmother proceeded to say, “Oh, the easter bunny didn’t give that to you, I did!” The student then cried.

Our final story is another memory from a student who does not want their name shared. On Easter morning the student would wake up, and before they could open their basket, their family would always make some egg themed breakfast, whether it was an omelet, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, etc. After the Egg themed meal, the Easter baskets would be opened and an egg hunt would commence, then the family would go about the day as normal.

Easter is a holiday that many people enjoy. The day is filled with egg hunts, Easter baskets, and spending time with family.