What Students will miss at Harvest


The end of school is just around the corner and, for many students that means they are going to leave Harvest at the end of the year in June to go to high school. All of them have many memories from Harvest and could miss multiple things, from their friends to the teachers.

Alec de Haro said that he would miss hanging out with his friends and being tall. He said he would miss his friends because they are very supportive. Alec also said he would miss being tall because other people would be taller and he wouldn’t be able to see over people as much.  

Zach Samatovicz said he will miss having easy classes, not having homework, and Ms. Meiko. He said he will miss easy classes because high school classes will be harder to get an A and he will miss no homework because in high school there will be homework every day.

Titi Orozco said that he will miss Mr.Calderon, Ms.Mieko and short days. He will miss Mr.Calderon because he’s chill and Ms.Mieko because she is a good teacher and helps him learn. He said that he would miss short days because in high school there are short days only once a month and then in high school, he will have more school than middle school.

As the end of the year comes closer and closer each day students at harvest are making new memories and friends that will leave an impact on their life forever. But they are also going to make many great memories in high school. As students leave Harvest they will all miss at least something even if they don’t realize it yet


By: Marissa Blackwood

The end of school is close and for 8th graders that means they have to get ready for high school. Students at Harvest will be going to different High Schools, taking different classes, and playing different sports. Some may be excited and already preparing but some may be nervous and waiting to get started.

Tyler Horrell is going to Vintage. He is looking forward to going to high school so he could have the privilege of driving. However, he is nervous about having new classes and new people. He is also going to play basketball and baseball. He has not chosen any electives. Jamie Alvarez is going to Napa and is thinking of playing soccer and volleyball. She is also nervous for classes. She is also going to take Avid and Jazz.

Jazmin Barrera is going to Napa High. She is super pumped to play basketball. Just like many other students, she is nervous about getting new classes. She is going to do basketball, of course, and track. She is taking one elective and it is choir. Braulio Aguilera is going to Napa High. He is scared on the first day of school to walk into the wrong class as he did in 6th grade. He is not doing any sports and not taking an elective.

High School will be an adventure for all the 8th graders that are getting ready for it right now. They will make many new memories and friends that will last forever. High School means something different for all students but is very important for all of them and will shape there lives forever.