Michelle Obama on Her Memoir: Becoming


In late December, my mom and I went to see Michelle Obama talk about her newly written book, Becoming. She told stories from her childhood, talked about roadblocks, difficult situations she was put in through the presidency and many more things. Through all of that, she gave emotional quotes that I found very powerful. Just listening to her talk gave me more confidence and made me feel better about myself. Words are very powerful and should be used. Don’t be afraid to speak out.

Michelle talked about the many interests she had during her childhood. Becoming more comfortable in your body/skin, and how no one can ever steal your dream from you. She grew up in a small house with a disabled father. She tried her best in school to succeed, and that’s what she did. She ended up going to Princeton and meeting her soulmate, Barack Obama. On Michelle and Barack’s first date, Barack was late, which wasn’t the best first impression. That date began a relationship that ended up being a long marriage. When Barack first was in the election, Michelle had her two kids, she was afraid that the election would ruin their kids’ lives and make them not happy. However, it went the opposite. Her kids were happy throughout everything and got through it.

Michelle and Barack weren’t always a happy couple. Through the election, they had to do marriage counseling because everything about them was out in the open and they didn’t wanna be ashamed or embarrassed. To be successful, you need to make time for your other commitments like just your life in general and your kids too. According to Michelle Obama, she said, “When they go low, you go high.” This meaning, don’t stoop down to another person’s level. Don’t be afraid to speak out and be confident in your own voice. Girls get their voices from having a strong male role model in your life. All men should have a high bar of respect for you no matter what.

In the end, Michelle talked a little bit more. The whole speech made me look at the world differently. I learned to be nicer to people and treat everyone with respect no matter what. I haven’t yet read her book but I will eventually and really understand her life and what she went through. Hearing her speak was very inspirational.