River Charter School to Move in 2020


Artist conception of new River Middle School on the property of the old Salvador Elementary School.

After years of Harvest being flooded, River is finally leaving. After the first semester, they will be moving to their new campus which will be located where Salvador used to be. The original plan was to have River start the year in its new (river) bed, however, due to delays in construction, they won’t be moving until the start of the new year.

The school was originally supposed to move upstream before the school year started, however, the school wasn’t able to move before August 14th. Construction is expected to finish on the 30th, which is too late for the campus to move.

“Moving the entire school to the new campus, though it can be done fairly quickly, is very disruptive and it does not serve our strategies in terms of teaching and learning,” said Rosanna Mucetti (an NVUSD Superintendent) during a press release last year.

River’s new campus will be able to house five hundred and thirty students, which is a massive change compared to the mere ~350 students their current campus can have. The need for a larger campus is so dire that during the 2017-18 school year they had to turn down 129 students.

Once River is gone, a lot of changes will be made to the Harvest Campus. One of the main ones being the removal and relocation of our current office building. They’re also going to remove the portable classrooms along the I-Wing and relocate the teachers in what is currently the River Area. Pictured underneath this text is a plan of the changes that will be made to Harvest.

Many teachers and students are very excited about this change.

Ms. Zorn, a 7th Grade L&L teacher said, “I’m excited about the new office building, I’m really curious to see what that’ll look like.”

“Really excited that the school’s not gonna be flooded anymore,” says 8th grade student Brooklyn Blankenship.

After years of drowning in River students, we can finally breathe.