Teachers want to make a difference with AVID

Number of AVID students grows at Harvest


Victoria Bravo Photo

Mrs.Pridy poses with two AVID students during one of their recent classes.

Math instructor Mrs. Pridy also teaches a 7th grade AVID class. She chose to teach AVID because she wants to make a difference in students’ lives.

One of her students,  Natalie Ramirez, said that she likes that class because it will help her get a chance to go to college. A classmate added that it’s fun and a good way to learn about different colleges.

AVID classes are also taught by Mrs. Hillman, Mrs. Thornburg, and Mrs. Lewis. In all of the AVID classes students learn about taking good Cornell notes, to be organized, and to learn communication and presentation skills which students will need for college.

Cornell notes, a special note taking strategy, also help kids in other classes like language arts and when they get to high school .


Students in Mrs. Pridy's AVID class sample an edible class activity.
Students in Mrs. Pridy’s AVID class sample an edible class activity.