The Amazon Is Ablaze


Financial Times

Firefighter fighting the fire in the Amazon

The Amazon is the world’s largest rain forest, and it contains 10 million species spanning from animals to plants. The Amazon forest also helps produce and filter 20% of our oxygen supply, but that might change due to the inferno engulfing the rainforest. At the time, it is uncertain about how much of the Amazon has burned.

This, as you can tell, not only affects the people who live in the Amazon, it affects all of us. The Amazon not only filters and produces 20% of the world’s oxygen, but it also contains 10 million different species.

Another issue that could arise is an elevation in global warming. With the Amazon gone, global warming may elevate and one day turn into a savanna rather than the lush forest we have known for decades.

The people involved in what is currently happening includes the farmers who are clearing the land for agriculture with fire (which brings up plenty of other issues around the world similar to the fact that humans are destroying animals natural habitats more and more each day ), as well as the Brazilian government (due to roughly 60% of the amazon being located in Brazil).

As of now, Brazil has refused monetary aid due to a conflict between Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and French President Emmanuel Macron.