Has Life Changed In Mass-Shooting-Era America?

Walmart shoppers exit store while police enter to locate an active shooter on August 6 in El Paso, Texas.

Walmart shoppers exit store while police enter to locate an active shooter on August 6 in El Paso, Texas.

     On August 3 in El Paso, Texas, a mass shooting occurred at a local Walmart, as well as a shooting in Dayton, Ohio on the following day August 4. On July 28, 4 were killed by a young man with an assault rifle at a festival in Gilroy, California, not that far from the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is, unfortunately, nothing out of the ordinary in America thus far in 2019. According to the  Gun Violence Archive, there have been 258 mass shootings from January 1st to August 14th, defined by four or more people killed by guns in the same event.

The amount of pain and despair that these incidents have caused is unfathomable, yet no one seems to be taking action, a thought that has likely crossed many people’s minds.

 People are dying yet we turn a blind eye and think “Well that won’t happen to me”. Though we may be more conscious of the things going on around us, that can only do so much. We need change, yet no one will make it, which honestly infuriates me and others I presume (how many men, women, children, and anyone else has to die before action is taken?). 

In the back of many people’s minds and what may drive decisions to do or not to do things nowadays can be the fear of mass of even smaller shootings such as some cases that have been discussed in the HMS journalism class, such as one student Quinlin Gallagher commenting about how in a discussion about the shootings stated:

 “ My mom wouldn’t take us to the fair this year because of all the shootings happening lately”. 

And a similar comment was made by our very own Journalism teacher in which he talked about how all of the teachers in the Napa Unified School District were invited to the old Napa High School to start the school year and how he was uneasy about going to that because with having all the teachers of the district altogether a deranged individual may see teachers as a “good target”.

The thoughts of shootings are in the back of many peoples heads way too often these days. One more example of concern that was shown by a Con Goer on the Sac-Anime convention page in which they asked if security would be heightened and if bags would be checked, which brings that fact to light and how in the comments others discussed how Conventions have received threats before. 

And earlier this year there was a shooting plot uncovered here at the Harvest/River school site.

 We can’t go anywhere without worry of shooting incidents. Students and families are afraid to go to the local fair, teachers afraid of meeting with others in large groups, and Con Goers scared of going to a Con a fun place, etc. When will things change? Who will change them? And what will you do?