The Rebirth of Playground Fantastico

Artist rendition of new Playground Fantastico play structure.

Artist rendition of new Playground Fantastico play structure.

In Napa, California, next to our very own Harvest Middle School lies a park used by countless kids. That park is named Playground Fantastico.

This playground has been in Napa since 2002 and was built by “thousands of people children and adults working side by side over six days in the style of an old-fashioned barn-raising” (Gordon Huether), and had public art inside the park area.

Unfortunately, the original park play structures were demolished in late 2018.

The original Playground Fantastico castle was made of wood and was built in 2002.

Over the years, the wooden playground began to deteriorate a bit due to weather, use, and just naturally wearing down. However, rebuilding has finally begun on the beloved park.

From what we can see, the mosaic, lizard, rockets, and fish are still intact. However, unlike the old play structure, the new one appears to be, from what we can see, mostly metal.

As of now, this is all we have on Playground Fantastico.