Water Bottles No Longer Allowed in Gym Class


In the past few years, there has been no big issue with water bottles in Gym Class. But recently, people have been spilling their water bottles so much to where it got out of hand. Therefore, water bottles are no longer allowed in the Gym.

“Why can’t we have our water bottles out on the turf?” a few students are wondering. While conversing with Mr. Kvidahl, I asked him why we can’t have our water bottles in Gym class anymore.  

“Kids keep spilling them everywhere in the gym, and they make too much noise when the teachers try to talk.”

This obviously is a safety hazard to everyone in the gym during physical activities, seeing as the floor can get very slippery when wet.

Not only do the water bottles make noise and spill them, but people also forget them easily, always leaving them on the water bottle table. People always forget them at the turf too!

When asking Ms. Andrea her opinion on the situation, she responded, “I think plastic water bottles should be banned, but reusable water bottles, no.”

While inquiring about this issue with Ms. Lori, I asked the same question, she responded with “I think they should keep them in the gym altogether. If you’re thirsty then it would be nice to have your water on hand.”

While speaking with Ms. Rechebong, I asked her this question; “Do you think it’s fair that because a few kids were not following instructions with the water bottles, now everybody has to commit to this policy?” She responded with “It wasn’t a few kids, it was a lot of kids actually! Because kids would bring the water bottles in, ask me to put them on the table, and then just leave. Also when kids would spill their water bottles, they wouldn’t tell us! So the next gym period, someone would get injured, and we didn’t know what it was from, or when it was from.”

I asked her, “Why can’t we bring our water bottles out to the track?” She answered with “Well kids ask to put their water bottles in my cart when they run the mile, but when they are done, they just forget them there. So I’m constantly saying: Hey, who’s water bottles are these? But if you ask your Gym teacher they can make an exception.”

In conclusion, water bottles can be a hazard, they can be a distraction, and they can be forgotten. But if you really need that drink of water after that long-hard workout, then ask your gym teacher and they might let you have it. Because, with great power, comes great responsibility.