The 2019/20 ASB Officers

Seven students here at Harvest ran to be a part of the ASB. This year all those who ran are in the 8th grade.

At the Spirit Rally on October 4th, it was announced who our four new Associated Student Body officers will be: Our president is Finnegan McGrath, Vice-President Natasha Colombo, Secretary is Alejandra Valladares, and Treasurer is Olivia Horn.

 To be a part of the ASB, you have to meet all of these requirements:

  • You may not have a D or F on your grade report
  • You may not use profane language  
  • You will compose a video and poster to promote your election.
  • You may not engage theft of property to schools 
  • You may not commit plagiarism 
  • You may not damage or destroy school property

Here is how some of the students feel about the candidates for ASB.

Daniella Lopez, in 7th grade, said, “I’m going to vote for Noah because he was president last year. I saw no problem with what he did. So I’m going to vote for him this year.” She also said, ” I’m going to vote Alejandra for secretary because someone should take his place. We also need someone that has management and organization.” 

Natasha Columbo, a shoo-in for Vice-President, said, “I will support the president and whatever he needs.” 

Many of the kids who are running this year put up posters to promote their election. The candidates also produced a film video that students watched before the polls.