HMS New Bell Schedule is Popular

HMS New Bell Schedule is Popular

 This year’s bell schedule has changed again! And this time most people hope the schedule will stay as it is.

The schedule has changed four times in the last four years.

Asked if the schedule will change again next year, Mrs. Franco stated, “I can’t say yes but there will be a possibility it will change.”

What makes this year’s schedule different is the fact that we now have seven periods instead of eight. The reason why we have one less period is because of budget problems that affected most schools in the Napa Unified School District.

No school is allowed to have less than six periods because we need the five primary classes and we have to have least one elective, and because we are an IB school we have to have seven classes that includes two electives. One of them has to be a Spanish class. (The 5 primary classes are math, I&S, L&L, PE, and science)

“I like this year’s schedule better than last year’s because classes are shorter this year and because we see our teachers more often than before,” Jessica Camacho, a 7th-grade student at HMS, said during an interview with Karina.