Is There Too Much Homework at Harvest?

Is There Too Much Homework at Harvest?

Homework plays a big part in a students life. Sometimes a little too big. 

Sometimes teachers assign an unnecessary amount of homework. Many students here have an after school sport… sometimes even more than one. 

Too much homework stresses out most students. Of course, some homework in some classes is fine, but all of them, yeah, I don’t think so. 

8th grader Miles Macpherson said,  “We should only get homework in important academic classes only and before tests.¨ 

Other students like Justin Huerta and Javier Morales prefer no homework at all. They also feel they should only get homework in the some of the main classes, like math, language arts, and Spanish. 

Eric Rivera said, “Some homework is fun, but we should only get it in math.¨ 

When students have after school sports it is harder for them to get the homework done. It’s not like they cannot do sports, but then when they do homework they stay up later than they should be. 

 According to the website Nationwide Children  teenagers need  9½ hours of sleep, but if we go to sleep late around midnight or later doing homework and waking up at 6:00am it causes us to get a few hours of sleep. 

8th grader Jose Leyva said,  “Homework distracts me from things I need to get done.”  

On top of all that, students get too much homework that is usually due the same time as other assignments and that causes the students to stress out. 

Homework assignments should be lowered to a minimum.