Trending At Harvest 2019 {!_!}

Trending At Harvest 2019 {!_!}

Some of the kids at Harvest Middle school have a great sense of style, and it’s not just kids, it’s adults too! The thing people said was the biggest trend was VSCO girls or Vans. VSCO is a style that is based on an editing phone photo app that, and Vans are a brand of shoes.

Most of the teachers or teacher assistants said that they weren’t the right person to ask the question things trending at Harvest. And Some of them said that the VSCO girls and their (Sksksksk) are annoying and everyone is doing it, so it has to be trending…along with Scrunchies, Hydro Flasks, and Vans.

Candance Hughes from River School said another trend is”Peppa”, an animated pink pig with her own Youtube channel.

Jessica Chaves in 6th grade at Harvest Middle School said ripped jeans and Tik Tok, another phone app, are trending. 

Mr. Gutierrez said American Eagle sweaters are trending, and Mrs. Fleming agreed that Scrunchies are trending.  And our two more adults, Mrs. Galdamez, our assistant principal, said dyed hair was trending, while Mrs. Jane said that True Religion, a clothing brand, was trending.