Fifa 20 Excites Middle Schoolers

Fifa 20 Excites Middle Schoolers

Soccer players at Harvest  Middle School are excited for the video game release of Fifa 20. Most of them are excited because of some of the new features, like new dribbling, passing and new set pieces. They’re aiming for new realism, intelligence, and emotion to the game.

Cruz Palafox said, “I am excited for the graphics which is another feature that is going to be added to Fifa 20.”

Another new feature called “Dynamic Weather” will be added. So, if it’s sunny then it can suddenly become cloudy or rainy.

Alex Aviña said, “I am excited for the new penalty and free-kick features because you can choose where you kick it.”

Volta is a soccer video game where you can create new players, male or female, like in the game Fifa Street, and is now in the game combined with Fifa 20.

Elias Gonzalez said, “I am excited for Volta because it’s like Street FIFA”.

Jonathan Creano said, “I’m also excited for Volta because it’s basically Street Fifa.”

Alex Hunter said the game mode which was released in Fifa 17 won’t be coming to Fifa 20 (sadly). The goal for Fifa 20 is to read and predict rather than just reacting to your opponents.

They’re bringing back Fifa Street but renaming it Volta. It includes a 6-hour campaign and an online league system with promotion and regulation and with standard kick-off modes.

Volta gamemode has been worked on for 2 years now and they expect it to be a big rival to Fifa 20 and to the audience playing the game. You can buy the game on PC(computer), Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. But on the Nintendo Switch you will only get half of the game. Which means they will only get some new features and they will not get Volta.