Are Middle Schoolers Too Old For Toys?

Are Middle Schoolers Too Old For Toys?

Are the kids at Harvest Middle School too old for toys? 

“I don’t think so,” says Quinlin Gallagher, an 8th grader here at Harvest.  “There are many toys targeted at middle schools. You could consider a gaming system a toy.”

That’s true. Big toy companies like Sony and Nintendo try to sell their products for all ages, including teenagers.

“I may not play with my stuffed animals very much, but I’m still emotionally attached to them and they make me feel better,”  says Grace Exum, an 8th grader at Harvest.

Many studies suggest that we should encourage any kind of comfort object for kids until they feel like they don’t need it anymore. A middle schooler will not have developed full emotional maturity and stability until late high school or college.

The time when they want to move out will be a beginning sign that they are close to finishing the growth of their emotional maturity. Until that point, a comfort object may help illuminate or dull emotional outbursts.

Keeping a child more stable by giving them an outlet and comfort when they are struggling to use the proper-self coping tools to soothe themselves. Taking the object away that is providing them this comfort creates a level of resentment and distrust. Also, it can psychologically play a role in training her to emotionally detach down the road.

“No matter how old you are, never let your little kid brain go away,” says Parker Rutherford, an 8th Grader at Harvest Middle School.