We Need More After School Clubs at Harvest

We Need More After School Clubs at Harvest

Kids at Harvest Middle School should be able to have after school clubs.   

 Students should have something to do after school, whether it’s doing something they enjoy or something to entertain them while waiting for their parents to pick them up. This benefits the staff because they don’t have to wait for all the kids to leave to go home, they will be supervised.


Would you want school to be longer to allow after school clubs? 

      A longer school day might be good because, if the parents are in traffic and can’t get to school on time there would be staff at the school to teach them about writing, reading, art, sports, and many more. Kids need to learn more since there isn’t that much time on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday since classes are only 43 minutes longer because it’s such a short time for kids to do the activities in there. 


What kinds of clubs would kids want?

     Kids and staff should be able to get to choose what clubs, and if clubs would benefit students. 

“It’s a great idea it will help kids build connections.” said the Principal franco of harvest middle school.   

The Vice Principal Mr. Guitterez said, “I would love to see kids attend an LGBTQ club and a writing club.” 

Most of the kids want fun clubs. The Principal and Counselors would want clubs like Art clubs, Chemistry, Sports clubs and many more. Students would want Field Trip Clubs and Fun clubs.

Diego Ceja, a 7th grader said, “I would really like Art clubs where you can practice drawing and doing art.” Most of all Teachers, Students, and Counselors want homework clubs to catch up on work.



     In conclusion hopefully, we put thoughts into kids and staff mind about clubs. People at Harvest middle school hopefully will put together some clubs.