Napa Valley Dance Center

Napa Valley Dance Center has been open for 40 years since 1979 when Sandra Nugent opened it. She has danced with the Ramapo Jr. Ballet Company at the Ramsey Dance Academy in New Jersey.

Sandra’s past teachers have been Mme, Sonya Dobrovynska of the Imperial Russian Ballet, Miss Lyn Sloan of the New York City Ballet, King Kopp of the International Ballet School of NY. In her childhood summers, she took classes in the New York City Ballet.

Ms.Sandy has learned many different styles like Ballroom, French Classical Ballet, Character, Modern Ballet, Jazz, and Tap techniques.

She is not the only teacher at the studio. Lauren Cromwell choreographed and performed in South Korea, Mexico, Las Vegas, and many more places. She is alumni of Sandy and now teaching beside her.

At Napa Valley dance studio, they believe in quality, not quantity, that is why they offer one-hour classes for $70. The location of the studio is Yountville at the Lincoln Theater. They accept people of a different race, different body shapes, all genders, people that have a mental illness, and people that have a physical disability.

During winter, the Napa Valley dance studio performs in retirement homes like The Meadows of Napa, The Springs of Napa, Piner’s Nursing Home, etc. to spread the Christmas cheer. They have performed in the Christmas tree lighting.

Last year they danced at Day of Dance, which was hold in Napa High School and perform Hot chocolate. On June 12, They present their recital to show every what they have learned in the year.