Zombie Run 2019

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Zombie Run 2019

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The Zombie Run is coming back to Harvest Middle School this Friday, October 25.

The Zombie Run is a fairly new fundraising activity at Harvest that was started by Lorraine Richardson, Carrie Gallagher, Art Ochoa, Mike Richardson, and the Parent Faculty Club last year (2018). The intent of the run is to give kids a fun reason to run and get money for the school.

Each student has a belt and three flags attached to it and they try to get by the zombies without losing the flags. If they make it all the way to the end of the run without losing a flag, they will get a “Survivor” sticker. If the flags are taken away, they will not get a sticker and recognition. There are also snacks and water for everyone.

It is definitely exhilarating, and it makes the kids run. Many people think last year’s run was an awesome thing, such as 7th-8th-grade science teacher Mr. Albertazzi. “I think it’s a great thing. Last year was the first year, and after watching, I saw the kids having fun and also the volunteers.”

The staff in the office also think its a great idea for raising money for the school, and they hope it will go on for a long time. Students and teachers really like to participate in the run. Many kids are scared and like the adrenaline.

Students and homerooms also compete to raise the most money for the school.

Prizes include: $50 and you get to duct tape Mrs. Franco to the wall. $100 gets you a mile pass from PE and you can still duct tape Mrs. Franco to the wall. $200 Jump for dollars, mile pass from PE and you can still duct tape Mrs. Franco to the wall. $300 you get to pick a teacher to run the mile for you, Jump for Dollars, mile pass and yes, you can still duct tape Mrs. Franco to the wall.

We can’t wait to see who can outrun the ZOMBIES.