HMS Spirit Week 2019

It was Spirit Week at Harvest Middle School last week! Students wore something different each day to show their school spirit. 

The Student Leadership team created this festive week along with Ms. Zorn. We participate in a spirit week to build up school spirit for the rally at the end of the week. Here’s the daily rundown:

  • Monday: Team Jersey day 
  • Tuesday: Twin day 
  • Wednesday: Crazy hat day
  • Thursday: Pajama day  
  • Friday: Grade level spirit day ( COLORS: 6:Teal 7:White 8: Black )

The last day of Spirit Week ended with a rally held to celebrate school spirit and play fun games.

The first game goal was to make the most beautiful wedding dress out of toilet paper. The participants were Mrs.Franco (8th grade), Mr. Martinez (7th grade), and Mrs. Galdemez (6th grade). In the end, 8th grade created the best dress, making Mrs. Franco the most lovely bride.

The second game was Cone Ball – teachers vs. students. On the teacher’s team were Ms.Loper, Ms. Genesis, Ms. Rechebong, Mr. Martinez, Mr. Calderon, Ms. Figueroa, Mr. Albertazzi, and Mrs. Banta.

On the student’s side Sebastian Deibert, Josiah Orozco, Olivia(Gracie)Palomar, KealanMcManus,

The Teachers won, though it appeared that Mr. Albertazzi made an illegal throw.

Proud of their Harvest Hawk students, the teachers then shared with the students a motivational video. Each of the teachers in the video had a message for students with a song in the background called High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco. We will be sure to keep on working hard and keep having fun.