Pick Up Your Trash! HMS Adds New Recycle Bins

Pick Up Your Trash!  HMS Adds New Recycle Bins

 Recently, bins have been strategically grouped in the Harvest quad with posters.  Steps are being taken to educate staff and students regarding sorting waste into trash, compost, and recycle.

Why it’s important to pick up trash?

People think it’s important to pick up trash because they want to help the world and keep the school clean. It is also important to pick up trash around the community because if we don’t take care of our earth it won’t be here anymore.

Why do people litter?

People litter because they don’t care about the earth and the community.

Other people try to act cool in front of their friends or something like that. The problem is that people are too lazy to get up and throw their trash into the trash bin so they just throw it out of their car or something similar to that. 

Why are people too lazy to pick up trash?

 A 7th-grade student, Jorge said, “ People don’t care about the environment and they think that someone will pick it up for them.”  

Everyone in the environment should be more careful when there is trash on the floor and pick it up.                                                                

Why we need to stop littering!

We need to stop littering because it is getting out of hand. People don’t care about throwing their trash away anymore so they just throw it on the ground. We need to stop this because when people throw them on the ground it goes to the dump then the water and the animals can get hurt from all the trash in the ocean.

 Do you think people care?

People are probably lazy because they don’t care about helping anyone/anything.

A 7th grader, Isiah said, “ People don’t care because they want to act cool around their friends.” 

To conclude, everyone and not just kids should pick up trash and help our school and planet. We can always do many more like putting trash in the right bin or helping animals whose homes are in danger because of pollution.

Items typically found on campus:  Trash – hot Cheeto bags (any chip bag), cafeteria spoons and forks, soft plastic bags, travel coffee cups, cups from the cafeteria, candy wrappers, etc.  Recycle: water bottles, Izzy cans, soda cans, lunch bags, foil, etc.  Compost – all leftover food, soiled napkins, cafeteria boats, pizza boxes, etc.  

Let’s make a difference on campus!