Popular Video Games at Harvest

Popular Video Games at Harvest

The most popular video game as of right now at HMS is Minecraft across all platforms, but Fornite comes in at a close second.

Minecraft is a videogame where you have to survive in a world and beat certain bosses to complete the game. Everything in the game is made out of blocks and you can craft many things. Fortnite is a third-person shooter game where you fight against people online to win a victory royale. 

Many students were interviewed to see what their favorite video game was, and they were also interviewed to see what game they thought was popular and what game they were excited about coming out.

The students at our school all liked similar video games. Jayden Quintana said, “ My favorite video game right now is Minecraft”.  

Out of everyone that was asked about what their favorite video game was a lot of them said Minecraft.  This leads us to believe that Minecraft might be the most popular video game at Harvest.  

Another student named Gabe Rocha in 8th grade was asked what game he was excited about coming out and he responded, “Fortnite 2 is the game I’m most excited about”. A few other people said different video games too. Grayson Wyman also said, “I am excited for NBA 2K69”.

Many of the students that were interviewed had the same opinion on video games but some people like different ones. Overall, we are happy that our school has a good video game population. Video games are a culture for many people and they offer a safe place for people that don’t like to be social and that just want to stay inside and enjoy the digital world.