The Dangers Of Vaping

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     What is an e-cigarette? An e-cigarette is a handheld battery powered vaporizer that simulates smoking. Vaping is a health issue now affecting our society, these days people don’t realize that vaping is not a game people actually die because of vaping. When people vape they are worsening their respiratory system, and risking the chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

Vaping  gets worse every year ,now under aged students have managed to get e-cigarettes, products from either friends, or family members.

     When asking teachers if they have ever caught students vaping in school Ms. Zorn ,a Language and Literature teacher at harvest, said, ””Yes I have caught a couple of students, and if I were to catch any students doing it again I would tell them ‘It sucks that you’re doing this because It’s illegal, 2. It affects your body and your brain, and 3. It can kill you! STOP, there are people dying.” “Vaping is not allowed in school because of how dangerous it is and it isn’t a good habit” Mrs. Franco the principle of HMS stated in an interview with Karina and Daniela. Vaping  doesn’t only affect the person doing it, it can also affect people around that area and it can definitely affect people with asthma problems because they can get an asthma attack or other people can gain asthma because of the unhealthy air they are breathing.