How To Be A Better Friend


L to R: Kaelin Paringit, Mia Hernandez, Isacc Trujillo, Max Rodriguez, Abraham Hernandez

       Most kids have trouble being a good friend. Kids are either very rude or they are shy. Some people even think that ending a friendship is harder than ending a romantic relationship. To keep a good friendship you need to learn how to have trust and good communication skills.

     8th grader Carlos Navarro said, “To make a good friend you need to have loyalty, and to make a bad friend is having betrayal.” I also asked him if people should have one really good friend or multiple. “It depends on what type of people you put yourself around.”

    Sometimes trying to be a good friend is a difficult thing to do. If you try too hard, they may call you annoying but if you don’t try at all, they’ll think that you don’t want to be there for them. 

    A 7th-grade teacher Ms. Hoxie said, “Being a good friend consists of being able to accept who they are and not judge them for who they are.” She also said that “being a bad friend is starting rumors about them and not apologize when you are in the wrong.”

   Overall to be a good friend you need to be there for them through thick and thin and be someone who they can talk to.