Halloween Horror Stories

Halloween Horror Stories

 Halloween has been around for more than 2,000 years and the first countries that celebrated this holiday are Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the northern part of France. 

     Halloween is the time where kids go out in their costumes and ask for candy from strangers. Parents have always been a little paranoid for their children on October 31st because they were afraid of myths about candy with razor blades, drugs, poison, or their kids getting kidnapped.

But is Halloween really dangerous? Can kids really go around freely without fearing what’s in their candy? Well even though poisoned candy is really rare, or even kids getting kidnapped, we want to share two stories about three people who weren’t that lucky and had the worst Halloween and last Halloween of their lives.

 Have you ever heard of the girl who changed Halloween for an entire town after she was kidnapped and then brutally murdered? That is the case of the 9-year-old Lisa French.

According to news reports, Lisa went trick or treating and never came back. This happened on October 31, 1973, and now because of this “incident” the city of Fun Du Lac, Wisconsin, schedules trick or treating during the daytime. 

By now you will be asking why would we care, that happened in Wisconsin and it happened a long time ago? Well, there’s another case of a murder that happened in Napa where two women were killed a little after midnight on October 31  in 2004. Adriane and Leslie were both 26- years old and they both lived with their housemate Lauren Meanza on Dorset Street Napa Valley, California, not far from Harvest.

Andriane had become a close friend of Lily Prudhomme who she worked with at the Napa Sanitation District as a civil engineer. Lily and her fiance Eric Copple had visited Adriane’s house a couple of times and they seemed lovely together. Eric had met Adriane but never met Leslie and in fact, he didn’t seem to care because he still took her life like he took Adriane’s that Halloween night.

Lesly and Adriane died by being stabbed several times by Eric. Leslie died on the scene and Adriane, unfortunately, died soon after paramedics arrived. Even though Halloween is a wonderful holiday, things can still happen and we have to be prepared for them. Safety in numbers, never walk through the streets alone and be cautious of your surroundings is better to prevent than to be sorry.