How’s the Cafeteria Food in 2019?


School or I should say cafeteria food, has been around for a very long time. It was invented in the 1790s in Germany. We asked kids and teachers at harvest middle school what foods they like.


Things Harvest Middle School has for breakfast is yogurt parfait, cereal, and breakfast bars. For lunch, they give out pizza, nachos, spaghetti, and rice but school lunches have to follow school food guidelines Mr. Meeks a teacher said´´in the last 3 or 4 years that the food has gotten better.´


Dahlia from Harvest Middle School said 

”My favorite school food is the potato wedges and my least favorite is the chicken burrito She also said that she would add real fries.


Alondra from harvest middle school said, my favorite was the fruit and her least are the tamale she also said that she would add desserts like cookies she also said she would want to take off the cream inside the tamale.


Mrs. Zorn a teacher from harvest middle school said her favorite is the nachos and her least favorite is the stromboli and said she would add chicken noodle soup.


In conclusion, there are a lot of mixed emotions of school food some people like it and others don’t.