What do Students and Teachers do after School?

What do Students and Teachers do after School?

After a long day of school, when students and teachers finally get to leave school and go home,  what do they do? Do they watch TV, do homework (classwork), or do they go out with friends?

What do we do normally after a long day of school that other people also do in common? 

“I mostly just use my phone or hang out with my friends, but I also do Karate,” said Jennifer Jimenez a 7th-grade student at HMS.

“I like to use my phone and will to go to Starbucks sometimes after school,” Andres Anguiano another 7th-grade student at HMS.

“I like to go home and hang out with one of my friends,” said Allison Dominguez

When asked what else she would enjoy doing she answered, “I would like to go to Tacos Chavez or play volleyball.”

When surveying teachers here at HMS, Leadership, Yearbook and English teacher, Ms. Zorn, said that as a sport she goes to the gym, and then will “just go home and chill”. 

With Ms. Russo a 6th-grade Spanish teacher stated, “ I just watch the news while drinking coffee, then I usually go cook as my pastime.”

And last but not least, 7th-grade Math teacher Mrs. Hoxsie said, “after school, I like to sleep.” If she could choose where to go after school she would go to the movies or watch Supernatural on Netflix, She doesn’t hang out with her friends during the weekdays.

Many teachers seem to like to spend their free time relaxing at home or watching T.V.  and just “chill”.

So apparently both students and teachers enjoy spending time at home with both friends and family while watching Netflix!