Proposed Upgrades At Harvest

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Proposed Upgrades At Harvest

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if Harvest spiced it up a bit, maybe if they added a few things to their line of construction plans in 2019-2020?

Harvest is undergoing some major changes halfway through the 2019-2020 school year, with River Charter Middle School leaving, new construction plans for Harvest and River campuses for when they become one, and the district is investing over 24 million dollars for the construction of this project.

Also coming this summer, Harvest will remodel the quad to make it more modern and have a less plain feeling.

Students propose changes they would like to see at Harvest?

Issac Arevalos said, “I would like to see the concrete get repaved.”

Martha Tapia said, “I want a better dress code!”

Elizabeth Leo said, “I want the phone policy to change.”

Itzel Aguirre, Addison Mattox, and Rene Covarrubias said, “We want better food.”

Addison Mattox said she would like a better track.

Angeline Rodriguez said, “There need to be more electives,” Christopher Ramos said the same.

Brielly Stubbs said, “I wish there was less homework.”

Kelly Muñoz said, “I want less trash.”

Brooke Dybowski said, “I want more all-gender clubs.”

Kayla O’Connor said, “I would love clean bathrooms.”

Kathleen Commander said she wants no bullying, the bullying needs to stop.

Mr. Paniagua said, “I would like to have a photography/videography studio, somewhere that there can be a green screen, a place to film for Journalism and Leadership. Maybe it can happen when River School moves and we have more classrooms.”

So how can these changes occur? For starters, we can begin with the construction, the concrete can get repaved over summer break, the track could get redone along with the remodeling of the school. After the remodel, the school and the students can work on smaller issues such as receiving better food, the dress code getting an update, the phone policy, the trash issue, cleaner restrooms, more equality clubs, less homework, and more electives. 

Also coming this summer, Harvest will remodel the quad to make it more modern and have a less plain feeling.