Student Thoughts about Halloween

Student Thoughts about Halloween

Halloween is coming this Thursday 2019. Some students at HMS are excited about every part of Halloween like candy, scary decorations, dressing up, Haunted houses, and trick or treating, but not all students do all of these things. Some students think it’s scary and dangerous.

When surveying some of the students here at HMS about what they do in Halloween this is what they said:

“Ya I dress up and I’m going to be a Catrina this year. Also, my favorite part of Halloween is the free candy,” said Isabella Aguilar a 6th-grader here at HMS.

“This year the whole office staff including me are going to dress up all in one theme but we’re still in the process of it,” said Genesis an assistant that works up in the front office.

While surveying most students at HMS and others they said that they love the part of going out and trick or treating, eating free candy and the part of being someone else for a day!

But like we said, not all students like Halloween some students prefer to stay home and watch TV. They don’t like the idea of going out trick or treating.

This is what a 7th-grade student Israel Tinajero at HMS said that he doesn’t like the idea of going to people’s houses knocking on their doors and asking for candy, and he would rather spend his time playing Fortnite and watching movies.

As you can see, although many people at HMS are excited and ready to celebrate Halloween in their best mood, many would rather just enjoy their time at home watching movies or playing video games.