P.E. Struggles

P.E. Struggles

Physical Education is a class all middle schoolers must take, although most students don’t like, or struggle with the class.

P.E. is one of the five core classes, like science, math, I&S, and L&L. However, not only middle schoolers have to take P.E. Many high schools require students to take 2 years of the class.

“The mile and the pacer test are the things I struggle the most in P.E.,” said Andrea Paniagua. 

April Hernandez agrees, “The pacer test, but not really the mile because the mile I mean it isn’t that bad.” 

P.E is a really boring and hard subject if you aren’t athletic, but sometimes parents intervene to make things more fun, for example, the Zombie Run!

The Zombie Run is something we do at HMS where volunteers dressed as zombies are stationed around campus. Students try not to have the three flags that they have hanging off a belt taken away by the zombies. We run approximately  ½ a mile and students actually enjoy running that way. The Zombie Run only happens once every year so, what do we do for fun aside from this in P.E?

Sometimes we play basketball, soccer, or go swimming. These things help make the class more interesting, but which of these do students enjoy the most?

“The thing I enjoy doing during P.E is badminton,” said 7th-grade student Edgar Lua.

P.E may be boring and unnecessary like many say, but teachers do try their hardest to make it fun.