Smart Boards at HMS


Harvest Middle School now has smart boards!

The new Promethean Titanium boards can be valuable learning too; if used properly, but if not, they can become a huge distraction for teachers and students.

One benefit of having a smart b in a classroom is that students can experience different learning styles. Some students learn better visually and can understand what the teacher is doing easier because the board allows more in-depth visuals.

Teachers have said that their favorite part of the smart board is that it increases student engagement. Because the boards allow for different types of learning, students feel more confident in raising their hands and helping other students.

However, some may wonder if Harvest the only school with the privilege of having these smart boards in every classroom? Well, it turns out that all the NVUSD district schools have or will have a smartboard in their classroom.

How much do they cost?

Smartboards cost around $4,850 thousand dollars each.

Just imagine, we have approximately 30 classrooms on our campus, and every single one of them has a Promethean board, the amount of money spent is around $145,635 dollars.