7th Grade Field Trip

7th Grade Field Trip

This was the second field trip that 7th grade has had, but the first one out of campus. The 7th graders went on a 50-minute walk from Harvest Middle School to Napa High to watch a performance about the tales by Edgar Alan Poe.

We interviewed some 7th graders and asked them what they thought about the play.

“It looked like a lot of people were interested in the play,” said Taylor Stoppelo.

Nya Lopez said that she couldn’t really hear in the back and that they should have been louder.

Daniela Lopez said that she was interested but she didn’t understand the first play.

Flicka Alvarez said, “I loved the play but I was really exhausted because it was a really long walk but I learned that he made a lot of dark stories .”

Overall, this field trip was an experience that the 7th graders will never forget.