Girls Hoops


Mercedes Diaz Photo

Jade Diaz practices shooting skills during a practice at Harvest earlier this week.

Girls basketball is one of many sports here at Harvest Middle School. The coaches of the basketball team are Brian Gardner ” Mr. Gardner” and Jeff Page “Mr. Page.” Mr. Gardner teaches 8th grade science and 7th grade Spanish. Mr. Page teaches PE and he is currently teaching diamond fitness which is weight training.

At the end of October they have a big jamboree against all of the middle schools.”

— MB

Girls Basketball practice is every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 3:15 and ends at 5:00. Before every practice you get a free snack from the ACE program. In order to play any sport at Harvest you need to sign up with the ACE program.

At the end of October they have a big jamboree against all of the middle schools. Harvest, Silverado, and Redwood battle it off. The jamboree will be held at Harvest Middle School on October 30 at 3:00. I will be there and we hope everyone will come out and support our girls!

Coach Gardner addresses his team during a recent practice at the Harvest main gym.


Girls Basketball Roster 2013

Student Name Grade School
1 Natalee Saucedo 7 HMS
2 Cynthia Ruiz-Castillo 6 HMS
3 Vanessa Correa 6 HMS
4 Amelia Marceau 7 River
5 Anna Ghisletta 6 HMS
6 Christina Bottini-Fletcher 7 HMS
7 Leilani Ellis 7 HMS
8 Grace Littlefield 7 HMS
9 Mindy Rojas 8 HMS
10 Perla Mendoza Pena 7 Hms
11 Dineen Leebert 8 HMS
12 Aaliyah Aguilar 6 HMS
13 Melissa Cervantes 7 HMS
14 Mercedes Diaz 7 HMS
15 Jade Diaz 7 HMS
16 Trinity Garcia 8 HMS
17 Hannah Newman 6 HMS
18 Alyssa Warren 7 HMS
19 Alexis Troche 8 HMS
20 Henley Frommelt 6 River
21 Elizabeth Oram 7 River
22 Izabela Poljanec 6 River
23 Myla Jacobo 7 HMS
24 Cali Olmstead 6 HMS
25 Alexis Barnard 7 HMS