Vacations are something we all look forward too.  We like to take out of our daily routine and spend time with family and friends. Most people often go to the same place and make it a tradition. We asked some of our fellow harvest students where they go on vacation, why they go there, and do they look forward to it. We asked Emmi Peters where she goes on vacation, and she said the Bahamas.

Emmi looks forward to this vacation to get away from her daily life. As we conversed with Natasha Colombo, she said her most prevalent vacation spot was Hawaii. She also said she looked forward to it and liked going there.

Another popular vacation spot is LA. We asked Amy What her most common vacation spot was, and she said LA. She enjoys visiting LA. She likes to go with her family. People from harvest middle school were also enjoying visiting Mexico around Christmas time to see friends and family back in Mexico.

Everyone has different ways to celebrate tradition. Most people choose to travel, and people have different places they like to go to spend time with loved ones. Vacations are a great way to have fun and get away from your everyday life. However, they might take a lot of money but spending time with loved ones makes it worth it.

   Vacations can be as simple as going on a little drive somewhere & staying there for a few days or something as adventurous by going on a plane going to another state or country. No matter where you go you’ll always tend to have a fun time, even if it may seem tedious, it’s still good to see what the world looks like outside of your town/state, & not in pictures.