Napa High School Band and Color Guard Performs at HMS

Napa High School Band and Color Guard Performs at HMS

On Friday, December 6, at Harvest Middle School, a Napa High School band and color guard performance took place at the big gym which started somewhere around 9 am. The band along with the color guards performed around six songs including Treasure by Bruno Mars and Frankenstein.

Some people like 7th-grade Joseph Vance were lucky enough to actually help during the performance because of his hard work during Mr.Burdick’s class.

“It was cool and my favorite part was the marching that happened at the end, I’m also surprised that they could learn all of that.” These are the exact words Kathya Tapia, a 7th-grade student, used to describe the performance. The performance was sure really entertaining, but we weren’t the only ones who got to enjoy this performance. River School also had the chance to watch the band and color guards perform at a separate time.

People loved the performance, however, for many the favorite part was when Mrs. Zorn was called out to prove her color guard skills. She tried to do tricks with the flags just like the color guard was doing but sadly failed.  “I was EMBARRASSED! Mrs.Riendeau bullied me because I made a joke that I can be as good as a Color guard,” claimed Ms.Zorn.

The band just like the color guard were outstanding, but just imagine how much patience the color guard had to have to learn every move and not only that but they had to learn how to use their props (flags and homemade guns), that must take a lot of patience. The color guard wasn’t the only ones who had to be patient because so did the band members they had to learn every note and that is pretty hard if you really think about it, marching and playing at the same time.