A Chromebook Education

Technology is essential for daily work at school. School is one of the most critical areas that use laptops, etc. Lots of websites are useful when it comes to school. For example, Teachers can give assignments while kids are sick or go on vacation. All they need is their school Chromebook, and they are ready to learn. Teachers can use websites to assign homework, tests, projects, and educational games.

According to Vannesa Montoya, “Technology improves engagement because you can take notes on videos from youtube.”

Andrew Dillon stated that “Our Chromebooks provide a more engaging curriculum in textbooks, and there are shortcuts to make accomplishing a task easier.”

Technology can also help teachers stay organized.

Mr. Paniagua says that “technology helps me stay organized by not having to deal with years worth of paperwork, it’s easier to find a document and it saves up space.”
Omar Alfaro said, “It’s different, and it’s a lot more fun than writing on paper.”

Students appreciate the fact that they can do work outside of school because everyone has the resources they need to have in able to get whatever action they need to turn in the last minute or complete while on vacation. Students are not the only ones who are appreciative of technology in school, and teachers also put technology to great use in their classrooms.