Harriet Tubman: Legendary Slave Heroine

Harriet Tubman: Legendary Slave Heroine

A new film about Harriet Tubman was released last month on November 1st.

Harriet Tubman was born on a plantation and where she grew up.  She was a slave and worked in the tobacco fields, picking cotton. She also worked in difficult weather.

She worked really hard every day. If she did something wrong she’d get whipped.

At first, she had a family, until her family got sold by the slave traders. She tried to escape, and they almost got her until jumped off a bridge to freedom.

Harriet’s dad found a way for Harriet to escape, he said follow the stars if you can’t see the stars follow the moon to lead the way to freedom. 

She went to Philadelphia to get a good job as a maid. She worked as a maid part-time, then she took some slaves in the underground railroad to escape to freedom. She almost got caught again, and if caught would be executed,  because back then she was breaking the law and the slave traders were looking for her.

When she got to Philadelphia she got to pick a new name to mark her freedom. She chose Harriet Tubman

The slave traders group was planning to get Harriet and burn her at the stake one of the slave traders said.

Then she once again went back to the plantation and got more slaves to a free place and she went back for more. 

Harriet was telling the crowd where she was before she came to Philadelphia, she told them that she was a slave on a plantation, she also said that she would give every last drop of her blood in her veins until this monster called slavery is dead.