Most Popular Sports at HMS

Most Popular Sports at HMS

The most popular sport in America is football, followed by basketball than baseball. However, that’s throughout all of America, lets’s see what the most popular sport is among the students at Harvest.

At Harvest, there are many opportunities for students to play sports during break or lunch, and there are after school sports teams ran through ACE.

The most popular youth sports in America are very similar to the most popular games in the entire country, with the football coming first, basketball coming second, followed by track and field.

According to the U.S. Census, “More than 450,000 girls played school-sponsored basketball as of 2008, making it the most popular among girls.”

However, among boys, football is the most popular sport. It has been proven many times to be the most dangerous sport, but kids keep coming back and playing it because they think the reward is more significant than the risk.

A couple of kids were interviewed at Harvest to see what their favorite sport was and why.

Aiden Erickson said, “My favorite sport is baseball because it’s fun.”

Another student at HMS named Owen Swartley said, “My favorite sport is baseball because I’m good at it, and I’ve been playing for a long time.”

The last student asked, named Andrew Dillon, said, “Swimming is my favorite sport because it’s fun.”

These are some of the most popular sports at Harvest Middle School.