Celebrating a New Year and a New Decade

The New Year is a time to start anew, to set a goal for yourself, and to think about the opportunities you had this past year. Seeing as the New Year starts at midnight, most people stay up to celebrate. Some people bang pots and pans, eat food, or spend time with family and friends. Others might go and watch the fireworks as a celebration of the new year.

We interviewed some of our fellow Harvest peers to find out what their New Year resolutions and traditions.

Justin Huerta, an 8th-grade student here at HMS, said he eats and watches fireworks.

6th grader Kailey Fidler goes to her grandpa’s house, and they have a big dinner. “My goal is to spend time with my baby cousin more,” she said when asked about her resolution.

“On New Years, I get with my brothers and celebrate it with them,” said Mr. Martinez. For his resolution, he said that he would like to get healthier.

Ms. Hoxie, a 7th-grade math teacher said, “I don’t believe in setting a New Year’s resolution, and I hope the world gets more kind.” When asked what her New Years’ tradition was she replied with, “I usually go out with friends since family is far.”

This New Year, unlike many others, is special. Instead of just ending a year, we are ending a decade and starting a new one.


Some History

The New Year is the time of day in which a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count increments by one. Many cultures celebrate the event in some manner, and the 1st day of January is marked as a national holiday in the United States. 

Many people tend to go on a vacation for New Years, and other people want to hang out with friends on New Years. It is often a time for family and friends to share the countdown. Either way, you are celebrating the coming of a New Year.

According to https://www.livescience.com/57342-why-is-new-years-january-first.html, “During the Roman era, March marked the beginning of the calendar. Then, in 46 B.C., Julius Caesar created the Julian calendar, which set the New Year when it is celebrated today.” 

2020 is the also the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Metal Rat, starting from the 2020 Chinese New Year in January.


– Nicki Haubold