Many students desire to attend college so they can receive a good education of which will assist them in getting a job that they have been wanting.

You will have to get good grades, straight A’s, 4.0 in middle school so you can get into an exceptional college. Some colleges that students might want to attend are UC Davis, UCLA, University of the Pacific, University of California, and Santa Cruz.

An 8th grader at Harvest Middle School, Jose said  “I would like to attend college ISU (Illinois State University).”

He wants to attend school and become a Professional Football player.

Another student a 7th grader named Diego stated, “I would like to go to Yale University and become a dentist.”

Many people want to go to college and succeed, but also some kids at Harvest middle school don’t want to go to college, but they still want to get a job. Like a Baker, Artist, Graphic designer, fashion designer, accountant, and a musician.

Examples of professions and majors include the following: Nya Lopez wants to be a Veterinarian, so she would have to study to go to college that provides that major. Some other Universities that offer the major are Cornell University, Colorado State University, and many more. There are different kinds of vet majors. So from those many majors would want to be a Medical-Veterinary Entomology. Taylor Stoppello would like to become a D-1 Basketball player. She would have to work hard and work on her basketball skills. There are many colleges that you can become basketball players from such as, CAL Berkeley, UCLA, and Duke University.