The Adventure Zone


The Adventure Zone is an ongoing biweekly podcast that began on August 18, 2014, on the Maximum Fun network, and is based on the game known as Dungeons & Dragons.

For those not familiar with D&D, it is a fantasy roleplaying board game created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and was first issued in 1974 by one company, but later on, in 1997 began being published by Wizards of the Coast and has continued to since.

The podcast is produced by the McElroy family of which is comprised of brothers Griffin McElroy, Travis McElroy, and Justin McElroy, as well as their father, Clint McElroy.
The podcast follows the afore-mentioned McElroy family as they play D&D.

The characters we follow are: Taako, a chaotic high elf wizard of whom provides comic relief, and he once hosted a cooking show called ‘Sizzle It Up with Taako’ he is played by Justin McElroy.

The next character is Magnus Burnsides, a human fighter who has a history of carpentry and runs headfirst into battle and is represented by Travis McElroy.

The third and final character is Merle Highchurch, a Dwarf cleric with a hip teen bible, played by Clint McElroy.

Griffin acts as the Dungeon Master(otherwise known as the D.M); he spins the story and serves as all other nonplayer characters.

The podcast has had five overall story arcs Balance, Commitment Amnesty, Dust, and Graduation.
Overall, if you are looking for something entertaining and enjoyable to listen to in the background while you work, hang out with friends, or even sleep if you would enjoy the McElroys serenading you to a sweet slumber. However, if listening isn’t quite your style, you could always read The Adventure Zone comic, which at this time has two volumes, and  the first made it onto ‘The New York Times Bestseller list.’